Affiliate Marketing Advantage Welcomes You To The Jungle

Affiliate Marketing Advantage Welcomes You To The Jungle

Affiliate Marketing Advantage Welcomes You To The Jungle


That is, the jungle of affiliate marketing. Everyone wants to make money on the Internet. And whether you’re brand new to this business, or like myself, have been at it for a while, you've figured out one thing by now; there seems to be no end to the resources out there offering you advice on how to make money with affiliate marketing. Many have even figured out ‘marketing to affiliate marketers’ has become a niche unto itself! Making money online will take sorting through all the affiliate programs and making good choices.

So I don't want to be another "useful site" that promises a lot but offers little. There are too many internet marketing companies out there giving the same tired information. What I am looking for is a unique website to provide the relevant and updated information about the affiliate marketing business and how to make money online. Some of the best information available has been collected and published by the affiliate marketing gurus or the affiliate master. of so-called "Internet Marketing Consultants" to convince you to buy their product. And believe me, there are tons of both to consider in the "jungle".

Navigating the Jungle 

Instead of spending precious hours (and many of us do this on top of full-time jobs and families) researching product information to make money quick, I want to share with you the work I already do. In fact, the opinions I have already reached and the recommendations I give are based on a good and honest evaluation.

There are some platforms that can help you build your strategy..

those are ---

The Super Affiliate Handbook by Rosalind Gardner shows the techniques she uses to make $435,000+ a year from content sites that promote others people's products and services on the Internet. She is an affiliate marketing expert and shows you how to make money on the internet.

She also produces the Net Profits Today newsletter that is an excellent source of marketing information.

Google AdSense Secrets by Joel Comm. This is an excellent book that gives several tips on how to increase your AdSense earnings. I've tripled my earnings just by implementing a few tips Joel gives in his book.

Beating Adwords, Kyle and Carson. Beating AdWords is the best guide I've found for making money online using Google Adwords. It's well written and well organized. It gives step by step techniques you can use to increase your income while managing your expenses.

Affiliates Alert by Maayan Marzan is a FREE ClickBank product search engine. It sorts by keywords, categories, rankings, and commission rates.

The Professional version provides ranking history statistics for each product, which can be useful to help you decide if you want to promote a product.

The rebranded version allows to you generate passive income by giving away the software.

Make Your Content PREsell! by Ken Evoy. Do you want to PREsell effectively? The only way is to KNOW your products. FEEL the benefits. KNOW the features. It's the only way to understand "what's in it" for YOUR audience. It's the only way to write with persuasive conviction.

HitsLink is a web site traffic analyzer that provides real-time reports on who your visitors are, how they found you, and how they got to your site. They even have a world map that shows where your traffic is originating from.

To implement, all you need to do is paste a small tracking script on the page you want to collect statistics on. I put my tracking script in a function in a file called HitsLink.js. It made it very easy to add the tracking code into my pages.

You can also into something that has more accuracy in calculation as you will be amazed by the result it will give it to you.  

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