Foreign Exchange Trading

Foreign Exchange Trading

 Foreign exchange trading (Forex)--the meaning

Foreign Exchange trading

Foreign exchange is a process of exchanging currency between various country due to trading, tourism or commercial reasons. It has been reported recently that over a 5 trillion dollar have been recorded for daily foreign exchange trading.

Since it has a global reach in many points, the foreign exchange market is expected to be the biggest market in the whole world.

How Foreign exchange can help you

Here the currencies are traded due to various reasons as mentioned above. The currencies are very essential to all because it needs to be exchanged in order to conduct any trade or business to other country; indirectly effecting other processes too. Say, you are living in the India and want to buy an item from U.S., I that case either you or the institute that you buy the item from has to pay the U.S. in dollar (USD). That means, the Indian importer have to exchange the equivalent value of Indian rupee (INR) into dollar. Similarly, say, an Indian tourist in Paris can't pay in rupees to see the Eiffel tower as it will not accepted there. In that case, the tourist has to exchange the Indian rupees for the local currency, at the current exchange rate.

The three ways for foreign exchange

There are three ways to trade foreign exchange.

1.      The spot markets

2.      The forward market

3.      The future market

The spot market is the basis of forward market and future market and therefor it is undeniably the largest market. Due to the use of electronic trading and also the brokers, spot market has surpassed all the market and become the preferred one for individual investors. So, when someone is advising you to go to the foreign exchange trading, it is actually referring the spot market.

How foreign exchange help fixing profit

The fluctuation in currency can create a give problem to do business between countries. The forex market come up with a fence to protect currency risk by managing the rate at which the future transaction will be done.

How an investor can earn from foreign exchange

There are two ways to earn which is also known an asset class.

One can earn from the differential in interest rate between two countries and another way is from changes in the exchange rate.

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